While there are no known glitches in Beret, there are several ways to (ab)use the game engine to carry out tricks that should not intuitively be possible. These exploits can be employed to beat in-game levels in a rebellious way, or to craft levels that your friends will be stuck on for a very long time.

Floating With Link BlocksEdit

Beret exploit1

Beret wonders why he is floating in midair.

By sandwiching objects between link blocks, it is sometimes possible to fly.

In the example to the right, the wood block is linked to be one space down-right from the purple block. Since the purple block is resting on Beret's head, it cannot fall. Since Beret is resting on the wood block, he cannot fall. Since the wood block is held taut by the purple block, it cannot fall. Even though it would be completely consistent for everything to fall at once, the game only considers one object at a time, so everything floats.

Uses in game: to be added!

Landing on Tele'd ObjectsEdit

Beret exploit2

Beret constructs a rickety bridge.

Although objects affected by telekinesis fall when Beret stands on them, it is sometimes still possible to use them to your advantage. In the picture to the right, Beret crosses the gap by holding the block close to the opposite side, then simply walking across, getting a temporary nudge from the block halfway through.

Beret can also use this to cross larger horizontal gaps than usual: instead of placing a block on your end and jumping off of it for extra height, consider holding the block a little more than halfway across the jump. The idea is to land on it and temporarily cancel out your downward velocity at the right time.

Uses in game: to be added!